What is a Destination Wedding Photographer?

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What is a Destination Wedding Photographer?

A destination wedding photographer is someone who travels to key locations to help you make your day as beautiful and memorable as possible (as opposed to simply getting married somewhere local). There’s a multitude of incredible places all around the world to elope to or even bring your whole wedding party along to get married.

Regardless, destination wedding photographers are totally the way to go if you’re looking for a memorable adventure to start the rest of your life with the person you love.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why would I want to do that?”, the answer is simple.

There’s nothing more appealing than your long, elegant wedding dress flowing into the breeze as you recite your vows to your love as the water crashes against the cliffs behind you. Or imagine a giant photograph of you running through sand dunes in Dubai alongside your lover. Nothing tops that feeling or the opportunity to capture that moment forever. Destination wedding photographers are always up for an adventure and are perfect for the fun-loving couple.

There are plenty of ways to reach a destination photographer! Their websites, Instagram, and Facebook, are the easiest these days to direct message, email, or even call. Plan at least a year in advance to ensure that you get the photographer of your dreams to work alongside. Good photographers are very hard to find and book, especially on short notice.

Here are some places to go to tie the knot!

Antigua is the perfect place to go if you love sunshine and sand. There you can be wed in front of crystal clear waters and eat some of the best seafood in the world. The best weather will be from December through April but beware of more crowds.

In the United States, you have the Big Island in Hawaii, the Eastern Coast, and The Pacific NorthWest are a few great suggestions. Continental US can get pretty chilly from November to even April in certain locations, and it’s not as easy to go to multiple places during a stay.

Mexico is also a solid option. There are tons of places around the country to stay, from the Cayman Islands to Cozumel. Mexico is the ultimate destination that offers anything from a low-key, intimate wedding to a festive night of celebration.

As for Europe, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and France are all lovely to visit with plenty to do if you want to go all out. Travel between countries is relatively easy by air or even train, and there are plenty of cultures to explore.

Their ideal clientele are people that are adventurous with a zest for life. Hiking up mountains with dirty boots or dancing on the beach at sunset is exactly their scene.

Destination photographers have a special love for what they do and make every second of your experience with them count. They usually have much more experience than your typical photographer, considering their confidence in their work to travel the world.

Wedding photography in itself is challenging enough, and traveling to an unknown location with people you’ve never met adds another challenge to the situation. Overall, it’s a gratifying experience to all involved with memories that will last a lifetime.

Victor Yang is an Australian Wedding Photographer located in Melbourne, Australia. He’s won many photography awards and has also been mentioned in Vogue Ballroom as one of Melbourne’s best photographers. Yang shows a vast array of talent within his portfolio and is on the cutting edge of technique. His editing style is moody and elegant. He’s skilled in indoor and outdoor photography and can also create cinemagraphs. Yang can take your wedding to the next level at any location globally. He’s riddled with talent and flair unseen in most photographers and is THE photographer to have for any destination.

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