You can find love in Victor’s photos. There were not excessive positioning, they were all part of a story, a story that can be retold over and over again.

– Candy Cheng

Victor has been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne’s best wedding photographers.
Capture the most memorable moments of your wedding in images that recount your story in the most evocative way. Let your special story unfold image by image with Victor Yang Photography.
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Make Your Wedding Memorable with Victor Yang Photography

You're engaged. Congratulations! The joy of spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams is incredible. The bliss lasts for a few days, when, all of the sudden, you realize that so much needs to be done for the big day. Choosing vendors can be an...

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The statistics from Wedding Report highlight some interesting trends when it comes to weddings in the United States. According to recent reports, weddings in 2020 numbered 1,267,877 and the average cost of a wedding that year was around $20,300. This was a decrease in...