Are you recently engaged and looking to book a wedding photographer for your big day? Before you rush into the big decision and book the first photographer that you hear of, take some time to learn about what makes a good wedding photographer. After all, these are some of the most important photos that you’ll ever have taken in your lifetime. There are a few things that you should be looking for in your wedding photographer as you research your different options. These tips apply to wedding photographers in Melbourne and in all areas.

Candid Wedding Photography

First off, you should be looking for an authentic, candid wedding photography style. A great wedding photographer should know how to pose you beautifully and comfortably. However, they should also know when to step back and capture a beautiful candid moment. Some of the most cringy wedding pictures that you’ll see are stiffly and awkwardly posed. These types of pictures don’t evoke a feeling of liveliness and emotion that should be present with wedding photographers. This candid, authentic style will be particularly important during the wedding ceremony and reception. Those moments of your wedding will have a lot of emotion that should be captured and immortalized in pictures.

Timeless Editing

Next, you need to make sure that your wedding photographer has timeless editing and style. This means that their shooting and editing style shouldn’t be too old-fashioned. For example, having a really heavy vignette around the edges of their photos would be more of an old-fashioned style. However, you want to make sure that your photography doesn’t have too trendy or quirky of a photography style either. As the wedding photography industry has become saturated with amateurs, it has also started drowning in temporary editing trends that go in and out of style very quickly. For example, really moody contrasting edits or very warm, yellow edits that make all greens look brown and dead are both examples of editing trends that have already come and gone. If you want to love to display your wedding photos throughout your life, you should aim to find a photographer with more of a natural, timeless style. They should emphasize the natural colors of your surroundings and should help you to look like yourselves without putting dramatic skin tones or edits on you. So, as you’re scrolling through Instagram and looking up different wedding photographers, pay special attention to their editing and the colors that they use.

Good Communication

You also want to make sure that you choose a photographer with good communication skills. Not only should you be able to communicate clearly about photoshoot dates and pricing, but you should also get along with your wedding photographer. Especially if you do a formal bridal shoot before your wedding day, you’ll be spending many hours with them at your side. They’ll be instructing your friends and family on what to do in the photos, which can be a stressful situation. A bossy, stuck-up photographer can make the picture-taking process feel like torture. If you hire a photographer that is positive, energetic, and friendly, you and your guests will enjoy the picture-taking process. You want to make sure that you can communicate well together and enjoy one another’s company.

Wedding photographers in Melbourne

If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Melbourne specifically, there is one photographer that will meet all of these characteristics that you should be looking for. Victor Yang is one of the most experienced and professional photographers that you could hire, and stands out among wedding photographers in Melbourne. As an award-winning photographer, he delivers the highest quality photography that you could hope for. Victor uses modern photography techniques, such as cinemagraphs, or stunning pictures that have an appearance of motion, to bring a unique touch to your wedding photography.

He also loves to personalize his wedding photography and incorporates individual and personal touches that will make your photos feel intimate and special. Most importantly, his style is stunning and timeless. You’ll be able to proudly display your wedding pictures for years to come and reflect on that celebration of your love. Click here to contact Victor and find out more about scheduling him as your wedding photographer. If you hire Victor Yang Photography to document your wedding day, you will treasure your special pictures forever.