You’re engaged. Congratulations! The joy of spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams is incredible.

The bliss lasts for a few days, when, all of the sudden, you realize that so much needs to be done for the big day. Choosing vendors can be an overwhelming task. The date, the venue, the catering, the flowers, the guest list…it’s all part of a big task list that will be a main focus in the next few months of your lives together as an engaged couple.

One of the most important vendors on your big day is the photographer. Capturing the images of your day, with all of your friends and family, is an important task. You want someone who can make you and your fiance look the very best on your important day. You want a photographer who can capture your story in a fun and unique way and showcase the true emotions of your wedding day.

A photographer should not only be good at taking unique photos, but also be able to work within the parameters of your big day. You can make your wedding memorable with Victor Yang Photography.

A photographer should be calm and collected, an anchor to a bride and groom that may have a lot on their plates for the day. Victor Yang Photography has glowing reviews that state just that. Victor Yang has been described in reviews as “treating someone else’s wedding as if it was his own wedding,” “attentive to detail,” and “passionate and fun to work with.”

Victor Yang’s photography business is booming because he cares about every little detail and takes every single wedding seriously. As a customer has stated, “You can find love in Victor’s photos. They were not excessive positioning, they were all part of a story, a story that can be retold over and over again.”

Every bride and groom wants to feel like their wedding day is important to other people: their friends, their family, and their vendors. Every couple wants photographs that showcase how they felt on the day of their wedding. Victor Yang Photography cares about you and your big day. You can make your wedding memorable with Victor Yang Photography.

Anyone can hire a friend to snap some photos of an important event, but if you want unique wedding photography that captures everyone’s attention, Victor Yang Photography is the choice for you.

Victor Yang Photography is an award winning photography business that captures your story in photos. Victor has been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne’s best wedding photographers. Victor has unique wedding photography that captures everyone’s attention with bold colors and honest, memorable photos that tell the story of your wedding day.

Victor Yang Photography also does cinemagraphs, which is a hybrid of photography and videography. They are moving photographs that go a step further in capturing your wedding day by animating parts of your photos. The photo moves, creating a lifelike image that reminds you of the details of your big day. Cinemagraphs are another way that you can make your wedding memorable with Victor Yang photography.

All in all, Victor Yang Photography offers a variety of services and packages for weddings. If you want a wedding photographer who will treat your wedding day with the importance and respect it deserves, and think of it as his own wedding, Victor Yang is the photographer for you. With images that tell the story of your love, and the story of your wedding day, and cinemagraphs that will showcase how you felt on your most important day, Victor Yang photography will help you make and preserve the memories that you never want to forget.

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