Hi there, I’m Victor.

17 Fun Facts About Victor

    1. Born and raised in Beijing China.
    2. Living in Melbourne Australia.
    3. A father of four.
    4. Graduated from Melbourne University with a double degree in Engineering and Computer Science.
    5. Travelled to more than 80 cities all over the world.
    6. Worked in IBM and later resigned.
    7. Studying theology.
    8. Know how to play the Chinese Violin (Erhu).
    9. Know how to play the Didgeridoo with circular breathing.
    10. Know how to play the piano.
    11. Know how to play the Cucurbit Flute (Hulusi).
    12. Ran 800 meters in 2’46” when I was in my grade 6.
    13. Love karaoke and cast in a Chinese musical.
    14. Love sports and these are my favourite sports
      • table tennis
      • badminton
      • ice skating
      • basketball
      • squash
    15. Never kissed a girl until the day I married my wife.
    16. Favourite food is the Chinese spicy cumin lamb skewers.
    17. Know how to say hello in Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew and Hawaiian