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Photography is an art form and gives you memories for years to come. Finding the right pick from all of the wedding photographers in West Melbourne for your special day is a big task and an even bigger decision. Will they capture your love for your spouse? The joyful and serene atmosphere? The good times at a fun reception?Victor Yang Wedding Photography provides a positive and exciting experience on your wedding day. As an accredited wedding photographer, Victor Yang captures beautiful and rich snapshots in time that will remind you for years to come just how special this day was.

Who is Victor Yang?

Victor was born and raised in Beijing, China, growing into a master of many different arts. Not only is he one of the most loved photographers in West Melbourne, but he is a talented musician. The Chinese Violin (called an Erhu), Didgeridoo, and the Cucurbit Flute (also called a Hulusi) are among a few of the instruments he knows how to play.Victor relocated to Melbourne, Australia, and attended Melbourne University where he received his double degree in Engineering and Computer Science. Victor’s love for the arts spanned a successful career as a wedding photographer. Through the lens of his camera equipment, he captures the richest moments of your wedding day in a way that looks natural and unstaged.

So, What Does Victor Yang Bring to the Table?

Award-Winning Skills

Victor is an award-winning photographer and accredited photographer by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. His talents and skills behind the camera make him one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in West Melbourne. During his travels around the world, Victor discovered a love for photography which soon translated into a love for capturing the beautiful moments of a special wedding day.

Client-Oriented Service

Victor Yang is an outgoing and client-oriented photographer. When you schedule your consultation and venue walkthrough, he guides you through the photography process, making recommendations for specific shots and portraits. Your opinion and voice matter deeply to Victor, and he will take the time to listen and understand your expectations and vision for your wedding memories.

A Knack for Capturing the Unspoken

One of the best skills you could ask for in a photographer is his ability to capture the unspoken words that exist and float between a husband and wife on their wedding day. This is where Victor Yang Wedding Photography will exceed your expectations.

Choose Victor Yang Photography for Your Special Day!

Before you know it, you and your spouse are starting your life together. The wedding is over, and married life begins. Even so, you will always have an album of pictures to go back to and reminisce about the moments that started it all. Choose Victor Yang Wedding Photography for images that will last a lifetime and help you recall vividly those moments in time.

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