The statistics from Wedding Report highlight some interesting trends when it comes to weddings in the United States. According to recent reports, weddings in 2020 numbered 1,267,877 and the average cost of a wedding that year was around $20,300. This was a decrease in both the number of weddings as well as a drop in what couples are willing to pay for their wedding day. And more and more couples are searching for ways to make their wedding memorable without having to spend as much, and this includes more attention being put on where the wedding is being held in the first place.

Understanding what roles does location play in wedding photography

Destination weddings have long been one of the biggest dream wedding scenarios for couples of all ages and walks of life. While they can be beautiful weddings and create wonderful memories for the couple, it can be a difficulty that the photographer may struggle with a bit. Location matters with businesses but it matters just as much when it comes to planning wedding photo shoots. You pay good money to get a professional photographer for your special day, but the bride and groom must understand how the location of their wedding can affect the photos they get. Six reasons the importance of location in wedding photography can’t be ignored or discounted include the following:

  1. It affects the final look and feel of the photos overall
    Destination weddings are often chosen for their exotic look and feel. This requires a unique approach to how photos are taken and what they will look like. Even local venues have different looks and feel and will require unique considerations concerning setup, lighting, and backdrops.
  2. It affects when and how photos can and should be taken
    Outdoor venues are popular among many couples and make for amazing and breathtaking photos. However, they require much more planning and consideration with regard to timing for light sources and weather concerns. Even indoor weddings will have on-site considerations like these as well.
  3. It affects what kinds of poses and setups you can work with
    The location of a wedding can have an impact on how your photographer can position photo shoots and what they can and cannot set up and organize. On-site locations can only be tweaked so much and will have to be incorporated as is to a certain extent into the photos themselves.
  4. It affects the props and accessories that can be utilized
    Certain locations have a particular theme, which is usually why they were chosen for the venue in the first place. These themes will largely dictate what pops and accessories the photographer can use and incorporate into the photo shoot for the wedding and the reception event.
  5. It affects the supplies, gear, and equipment needed on site
    Local weddings can be difficult to plan and execute but a destination wedding that requires travel can be a major undertaking for a photographer. The location choice will largely determine how much gear and what supplies the photo crew can bring with them to the event.
  6. It affects how planning and transportation concerns are met
    The final influence wedding location can have on how photos turn out is in the way it affects how photographers get to the wedding in the first place. There is a big difference in planning needed to drive a few hours in a car versus taking a plane versus having a multi-day trip just to get to the venue.

Don’t underestimate the location in wedding photography

Planning for your special day is something every new bride and groom takes very seriously. Photos are a wonderful way to remember that special day and share those moments and precious memories with friends and family for years to come. Getting the best wedding photos possible will depend on the photographer you choose for your ceremony. But even the best photographer in the world will have some limitations and special considerations that will be necessary depending on your chosen location. Aside from the theme of the wedding itself, your venue location can also impact your photographer and what magic they are able to work for your special day. With these considerations in mind, you can choose a wedding location that works for you and your photographer! Now you know the importance of location for those wedding photographs for yourself.